16 Free eBooks On Modeling And Simulation!

The use of modeling and simulation (M&S) is well recognized in the field of engineering and the discipline has already helped many groups like NASA, nuclear developers and engineering firms to reduce costs, increase the quality of products and systems, and document and archive lessons learned. This process of getting information about how something will behave without actually testing it in real life has a wide spectrum of career growth and job opportunities.

So if you are willing to learn the discipline, here are 16 free ebooks!

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1. From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science
by Norm Matlo#ff - University of California, Davis, 2013
As the introduction of the book says, "The materials here form a textbook for a course in mathematical probability and statistics for computer science students. Computer science examples are used throughout, in areas such as: computer networks; data and text mining; computer security..."

2. The Nature of Code: Simulating Natural Systems with Processing
by Daniel Shiffman - The Nature of Code, 2012
As the introduction of the book says, "This book focuses on a range of programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems, from elementary concepts in mathematics and physics to more advanced algorithms that enable sophisticated visual results."

3. Simulation with AnyLogic
- Wikibooks, 2010
As the introduction of the book says, "This book helps you to start modeling with AnyLogic -- a multi-method simulation modeling tool that supports different modeling techniques. Topics covered: Agent-Based Modeling; System Dynamics; Discrete Event Simulation; Pedestrian Simulation."

4. Mathematics of Human Motion: from Animation towards Simulation
by A.I. Zhmakin - arXiv, 2011
As the introduction of the book says, "Simulation of human motion is the subject of study in a number of disciplines: Biomechanics, Robotics, Control Theory, Neurophysiology, Ergonomics. Since the author has never visited any of these fields, this review is a passer-by's impression."

5. Modeling Simulation and Optimization: Focus on Applications
by Shkelzen Cakaj - InTech, 2010
As the introduction of the book says, "This book provides modeling, simulation and optimization applications in the areas of medical care systems, genetics, business, ethics and linguistics, applying very sophisticated methods. Algorithms, 3-D modeling, virtual reality, and more."

6. Synchronization and Linearity: An Algebra for Discrete Event Systems
by F. Baccelli, G. Cohen, G. J. Olsder, J. Quadrat - John Wiley & Sons, 1993
As the introduction of the book says, "Presents new modelling and analysis techniques for the description of discrete event dynamic systems. Created within the text is a calculus which allows the derivation of analytical tools for computing the time behavior of this type of system."

7. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization: Tolerance and Optimal Control
by Shkelzen Cakaj - InTech, 2010
As the introduction of the book says, "Topics covered: parametric representation of shapes, modeling of dynamic continuous fluid flow process, plant layout optimal plot plan, atmospheric modeling, cellular automata simulations, thyristor switching characteristics simulation, etc."

8. Shape Interrogation for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
by Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Takashi Maekawa - Springer, 2009
As the introduction of the book says, "Shape interrogation is the process of extraction of information from a geometric model. It is a fundamental component of CAD/CAM systems. The authors focus on shape interrogation of geometric models bounded by free-form surfaces."

9. Fuzzy Systems
by Ahmad Taher Azar - InTech, 2010
As the introduction of the book says, "This book is intended to present fuzzy logic systems and useful applications with a simple approach. It is written at a level suitable for use in a graduate course on applications of fuzzy systems in decision support, nonlinear modeling and control."

10. Dynamic Modelling
by Alisson V. Brito - InTech, 2010
As the introduction of the book says, "Dynamic modelling means modelling processes or systems, which are formed by attributes changing over time. Vehicles transmission and engines, reconfigurable microchips, earthquakes and the effect of diseases in organisms are presented in this book."

11. Understanding Computer Simulation
by Roger McHaney - BookBoon, 2009
As the introduction of the book says, "Contents: Introduction to Computer Simulation; Simulation Languages; Applications of Simulation; Starting a Simulation the Right Way; Simulation Quality and Development; Developing a Simulation-Implementation; Case Study: DePorres Tours."

12. Simulated Annealing
by Cher Ming Tan - IN-TECH, 2008
As the introduction of the book says, "This book provides the readers with the knowledge of Simulated Annealing and its applications in the various branches of engineering. We encourage readers to explore the application of Simulated Annealing in their work for the task of optimization."

13. Modelling and Simulation
by Giuseppe Petrone, Giuliano Cammarata - InTech, 2008
As the introduction of the book says, "This book collects research studies concerning modeling and simulation of physical systems in a very wide range of applications: micro-electro-mechanical systems, measurement instrumentations, catalytic reactors, biomechanical applications, etc."

14. Modeling with Data: Tools and Techniques for Scientific Computing
by Ben Klemens - Princeton University Press, 2008
As the introduction of the book says, "The author explains how to execute computationally intensive analysis on large data sets, showing how to determine the best methods. The book will interest researchers and graduates in the social sciences, engineering, economics, and mathematics."

15. Simulating Humans: Computer Graphics Animation and Control
by N. I. Badler, C. B. Phillips, B. L. Webber - Oxford University Press, USA, 1993
As the introduction of the book says, "This volume presents the problem of providing a surrogate or synthetic human for designers and engineers. The book is intended for engineers interested in understanding how a computer surrogate human can augment their analyses of designed environments."

16. Computer Simulation Techniques - The Definitive Introduction
by Harry Perros, 2008
As the introduction of the book says, "The generation of pseudo-random numbers, the generation of stochastic variates, simulation designs, estimation techniques for analyzing endogenously created data, validation of a simulation model, variance reduction techniques, etc."

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