How to Change password within roundcube

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Hello all .
after nearly one month of struggling to get password plugin for RoundCube - which is used to change email password within RoundCube itself - working
thanks to God i finally managed to do it with the help of SKaero from RoundCube support forum .
Ok enough talking .
in order to get this feature on , on your kloxo panel , navigate to your roundcube installation folder
(if you are using webmail , it is mostly located in :
/home /kloxo /httpd / webmail/roundcube 
after going to the roundcube installation directory ,goto:


and renamed it to : 

now open this file and fill the corresponding fields as shown below :
$rcmail_config['password_driver'] = 'sql';

$rcmail_config['password_db_dsn'] = enter your kloxo username and password , or any other username which has access to kloxo database 

example: 'mysql://myrootUsername:Myrootpassword@localhost/kloxo';

and finally the tricky section !:
$rcmail_config['password_query'] = 'UPDATE vpopmail.vpopmail SET pw_passwd= %c, pw_clear_passwd= %p WHERE pw_name= %l AND pw_domain = %d LIMIT 1';

now you are good to go .
for activating this plugin , now you need to go to config directory , located in the roundcube directory .
open the file :

and located:

change it to :
$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('password');

( if you want to use other plugins with roundcube , just add the name of the plugins directory to the array() list , separate the names with a comma .

now just save this file and easily change your passwords through roundcube Smile

Final Words :
these steps are guaranteed to work , while other approaches are not , we have been discussing this issue on RoundCube support forum for almost a month you can have a look at it here:,9522.30.html

so if you want a hassle free setup , use this . don't pay attention to other drivers ( you might say that hey i have vpopmail , so i can use vpopmaild driver ,! this wont work on kloxo 6.1.12 as i had tested it many times .
i need to thank SKaero for his dedication in solving my problem , whithout his help i couldnt come up with this solution .
so all in all i hope this tutorial comes handy to anyone whom might need it .
Seyyed Hossein Hasan pour

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